Pine Fall Dangles
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Pine Fall Dangles

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These ultra-lightweight earrings are made of Polymer Clay.

Embrace the enchantment of autumn with our Pine Maple Leaf Earring Set. Inspired by the rich hues of the fall season, these earrings capture the essence of nature's transformation. Crafted in a captivating greenish-blue color reminiscent of evergreens, each earring takes the shape of a delicate maple leaf. Meticulously designed, this set encapsulates the beauty of fall foliage and allows you to carry a piece of the changing seasons with you. Elevate your style with these timeless accessories that celebrate the magic of nature and the allure of autumn's palette.


Hooks and/or ball post are made of stainless steel, hypoallergenic and nickel and lead free.

Each handmade item is unique, and no two pieces will be exactly the same (items received will not always be identical to items pictured). Due to the item being handmade, small imperfections may occur.

Polymer clay is a lightweight and durable material, but should be handled with care. If dropped or stored incorrectly, you earrings may break or become damaged.

Every pair of earrings with designs are different and one of a kind.